letter #2 to the little girl/boy/being who dreams of being a supah s/hero/queero

reflection by wade hudson

the making of a black supah shero comic…

letter #2 to the little girl/boy/being who dreams of being a supah s/hero/queero and will know through her/his/their life that they always were, is and will always be…

dear little girl/boy/being supah s/hero/queero,

when i first began writing SHEMURENGA i wanted her to have supah dupah powers. powers that were out of this world. maybe out of my world. as the writing progressed as a collaborative process with the images ronald was sending me, and as i encountered the realities of my own mortality, SHEMURENGA began to shift as well.

i realized more and more that she wanted to be that part of myself that is a supah shero not because she possesses extra-terrestrial powers but because she possesses human courage.

courage takes you leaps and bounds into what you believe is impossible. courage is about self-knowledge. self-truth. the discipline to uncover the multiple layers of reality in which we live.

shemurenga’s ultimate quest is to fully innerstand who and what she is. this is the supah shero that i am growing into becoming. one who is aware of and grounded in the full extent of becoming.

this personal journey is lifelong. maybe even lifetimes long until the cycle of cyclical existence is broken.

are you up for the adventure…

in love and solidarity
your black supah shero auntie

SHEMURENGA black supah shero
launches march 9. 2013

One thought on “letter #2 to the little girl/boy/being who dreams of being a supah s/hero/queero

  1. unlike you i had no such dreams of a supah shero, never i-magined i could be one; never i-magined i would be teaching this genre and enjoying it. both my students and i look forward to every part of your shared journey. in time you’ll see our endeavors and know that you, your courage, your bold truth have wonderfully inspired us.

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