letter #1 to the little girl who dreams of being a supah shero…

black supah shero by wade hudson

letter #1 to the little girl who dreams of being a supah shero and will know through her life that she always was, is and will always be…

dear little girl supah shero,

my name is d’bi.young anitafrika and I was born and raised in kingston jamaica. I grew up on comics cartoons and fantasy.

that entire time though, I longed to see super people who looked like me. most of the heroes were white and and male who saved white people from villains who were sometimes black and of colour.

there were also never any supers who came from the working class neighbourhood that I lived in and I always wondered why.

the sheros like cat woman (my favourite) and wonder woman were not leading archetypal figures. even though they had super powers, they were still subjugated by the men and by their circumstances. when storm was introduced in x-men I was overjoyed but her powers as an african supah shero were not maximized in my eyes.

SHEMURENGA is an attempt to combine the worlds of comic, cartoon, fantasy, and mythology into a black supah shero adventure in which our protagonist deals with life, oppression and liberation as they affect everyone and everything including herself.

this is an opportunity to tell the story of a spiritual, political, sexy, creative, healthy, emotionally balanced (or atleast on her way to being that) black supah shero who is guided by the ancestors, natures elements and her own heart.

she is eventually surrounded by a super team who represent all peoples on the planet. see you on an upcoming adventure…

in love and solidarity
your black supah shero auntie

SHEMURENGA black supah shero
launches march 9. 2013

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